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Discover the Eastern Black Sea Region with Hafsa Tourism, which offers the best price guarantee for daily package tour prices from Trabzon.


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We are ready to offer you an enjoyable holiday with our tour programs suitable for every budget. Package tours with private planes for groups, daily tours with budgets suitable for students and individual guests.

Our daily tours are from Trabzon center; We meet with our guests taking the tour in the city center of Trabzon and start our tour. If you are on the itinerary of the tour you have requested, we can pick you up from a suitable place on the main road.

If our guests who are in the opposite direction do not come to the center and want to be taken privately, they can join our tour by paying an additional fee from their hotel or place of stay. Our tours are also staffed by the agency and accompany you throughout the tour. There is no food on our tours; tour route, tour attendant and in-car refreshments are included in the tour price. Our package tours and private tours are prepared for individuals and tours are carried out with a licensed guide.

Black Sea, one of the favorite destinations; Don't forget to take advantage of Hafsa Tur's early booking discounts for a holiday you need…