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Welcome to Hafsa Tourism reservation department. Apply now to rent a hotel or apartment suitable for your budget to stay in Trabzon, and be profitable.


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Recently, our service quality has grown with the increasing demand for the Black Sea Region. The priority is to find the service described to you during the reservation on the date you arrive at the hotel, after you have purchased your hotel from us.

There are many highland hotels in our region. Çambaşı Plateau, Ayder Plateau, Şavşat, Karagöller surroundings, Hıdırnebi plateau, Kümbet plateau, etc. The hotels built without harming the nature in the highlands like these are like a paradise for us to relax away from the stress and relax.

Do not hesitate to call us for detailed information about your hotel reservation to stay in Trabzon.


By choosing our hotels in the city center, you can easily join daily tours (the tours are lively and low-budget tours). At the same time, you can find the opportunity to wander around the heart of the city within walking distance in the evenings.

For accommodation in the highland hotels of our region, which has mountainous and difficult terrain conditions, we recommend that you allocate a chauffeur-driven vehicle for your safety, instead of using a rental car.